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Our hydraulic piston pumps offer even greater performance and can also be operated using petrol. The material is transported by means of a stroke movement of two diaphragms working in opposite directions. This creates a very low-pulse material flow. This also allows you to work with materials which are particularly sensitive to shearing and moisture, and with premixed 2K materials.

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WAGNER double diaphragm pumps are explosion-proof and operated by compressed air which means that they can be used in workshops. Spiral pumps transport the material by means of extrusion.

Our spraying methods

Two components, the rotor and the stator, are used for this. The rotor rotates and thus transports the material gently to the cavities of the stator. This technology can be used to transport extremely heavy materials, for example, for machine application of plaster, where the material is transported along the hose to the spraying lance using a spiral pump. Adding compressed air to the spray lance atomises the heavy material and applies it evenly. The atomised air generated in the turbo blower flows through an air hose to the paint tank on the spray gun, where it then builds up pressure.

This transports the coating material along the uptake pipe to the nozzle and atomises it with the remaining air. This extends the spectrum to encompass a far wider range of materials. Benefits of both technologies: The spray jet can be adjusted to the object and the devices are very easy to operate.

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Unlike the case of air atomisation, airless atomisation technology atomises the material using the pressure of the material alone, i. An electric, pneumatic or petrol-driven pump pressurises the material and forces a defined quantity of material through a nozzle aperture at up to 25 MPa. During this process, the material is diffused into a finely atomised spray jet. Although airless technology is particularly suitable for the application of emulsions, this spray process is also often used for painting jobs on building sites.

This is possible thanks to the central air supply air cap that is located directly at the nozzle aperture and surrounds the sprayed material like an envelope.

Using the WAGNER XVLP Spraying system consisting of a turbine and various spraying attachments , means varnishes, standard lacquers, high-viscosity lacquers and water-based paints can all be processed in a quality that convinces the professionals. The use of subcontractors is normal for many phases of your construction project.

This ensures that highly skilled professionals are delivering a good final product for you. However, you should make sure the Contractor has a good working relationship with his subcontractors and that they are insured. Determine how many subcontractors will be used and who they are.

2. Keep Communication Channels Open

We at T. Hurt Construction value our customers, and our projects speak for themselves through quality and longevity at an affordable price. Hurt recognizes that you are about to make a big decision, and the first step is to select the right contractor. The short article below provided by NARI National describes what you should expect during the life of your project. There will be ups and down, good surprises and bad surprises. The thing to remember is to stay calm and to work closely with your Contractor partner.

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With both of you working towards a common goal, there are no obstacles that cannot be overcome. What to ExpectBy its very nature, remodeling or any type of construction is bound to disrupt your everyday life. Short of moving out of your home during the process, which is impossible in most situations, there are things you can do to keep a healthy perspective. By its very nature, remodeling or any type of construction is bound to disrupt your everyday life.

Expect delays and changes. Rarely, in this imperfect world, does everything go quite according to plan. The weather and shipping delays can cause changes to a schedule so be flexible. You have the right to expect good communication from your contractor throughout the project. Communication tends to help lessen anxiety. Just before the remodeling project begins, remove hangings from the walls in and around the work area and any items that could be damaged.

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Doing this, in the beginning, will ensure there are no hidden costs or confusion about your vision. Everyone has heard horror stories about what can happen if there is no insurance, and there are bound to be mishaps every now and then. We recommend hiring a contractor that is insured and licensed or registered to work within your city or municipality.

Accidents happen, but acknowledging this step can protect both your investment and overall renovation experience. Although renovations can be stressful, it can also be such an exciting time, and finding the right contractor can only make things run much smoother. Many dealers can assist with installation when purchasing a product or recommend a quality contractor for the job.

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To speak to a representative at your local dealer, use our locator tool found here. Your email address will not be published.